Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A variety of interest payment options are available. 10-day grace periods allow for flexible changes at maturity. A penalty may or will be imposed for early withdrawal.

Less than $100,000Minimum Opening Deposit
Variable Term CD 7-364 Day$1,000.00
91 Days CD $1,000.00
182 Days CD$1,000.00
12 Month CD$1,000.00
14 Month CD $1,000.00
17 Month Secure Rate CD*$1,000.00
18 Month CD$1,000.00
24 Month CD$1,000.00
30 Month CD$1,000.00
36 Month CD$1,000.00
60 Month CD$1,000.00
Jumbo CDs – Greater than $100,000Minimum Opening Deposit
30 Day Jumbo CD$100,000.00
60 Day Jumbo CD$100,000.00
90 Day Jumbo CD$100,000.00
180 Day Jumbo CD$100,000.00
12 Month Jumbo CD$100,000.00
14 Month Jumbo CD$100,000.00
17 Month Jumbo Secure Rate CD*$100,000.00
24 Month Jumbo CD$100,000.00
36 Month Jumbo CD$100,000.00
60 Month Jumbo CD$100,000.00

*Allows the investor to change the original interest rate after seven months to a higher rate if the rate on the CD goes up. The investor can only change the rate one time after the first seven months and the new rate will remain in effect for the balance of the 17 month term.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

An IRA can be a valuable addition to your retirement savings program. A penalty may or will be imposed for early withdrawal.

Traditional and RothMinimum Opening Deposit
12 Month IRA $1,000.00
12 Month Jumbo IRA$100,000.00
14 Month IRA$1,000.00
18 Month IRA$1,000.00
24 Month IRA$1,000.00
36 Month IRA$1,000.00
60 Month IRA $1,000.00
Premium 18 Month IRA$50,000.00
Premium 24 Month IRA $50,000.00
Premium 36 Month IRA $50,000.00


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