HomeTown Bankers are committed to the community. You can depend on us to do what’s right for you and the community, and to do everything we can to support worthwhile and progressive projects.

Also, because we’re locally owned, we make decisions right here in town. There’s no need to wait for approval from some far-off manager in a distant state who doesn’t have a clue about local needs and conditions.

Home Mortgage*

Interest rates and down payments are competitive on our long-term home purchase mortgage loans, and you may enjoy closing cost and appraisal fee advantages. We can usually provide financing and get you into your new home much quicker than typical mortgage companies.

Home Improvement*

Loan purposes can include a swimming pool, additional rooms, kitchen remodeling, and many other improvements around the house. Typically, repayment of the loan is arranged over an extended period of years. Arrangements are flexible to match the borrower’s need.

Home Equity Loan*

he following formula will help you to determine how much of a home equity loan could be available. If your home is valued at $100,000 and you owe $20,000 of the present mortgage principal, take the value of your home, $100,000 and multiply by 80%. The result is $80,000. From this, subtract the principal balance of your first mortgage: $80,000 – $20,000 = $60,000. This would be the amount available for a home equity loan if there are no other liens outstanding. The loan proceeds can be used for any purpose. Establishing the loan does not affect the Texas Homestead Exemption tax benefits. As a home mortgage, the interest paid may be tax-deductible.

Auto, Truck, Boat Loans

New vehicles or boats can generally be financed for up to 60 months. Used vehicles or boats can also be financed.

By pre-arranging your loan at HomeTown Bank before visiting the dealership, you may be able to negotiate a better purchase price.

*Some mortgage loans will require an escrow account.

Financial Tools

Online Calculators

Use our online financial calculators to help determine your cash needs for your next purchase and more.


Whether you need money for your dream home or a new car, your HomeTown Banker can help.